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Antonio Rufino

Hola and thank you for visiting my website!
Let me introduce myself.

I'm Antonio Rufino, born Guillermo Antonio Rodriguez Taboada Rufino, on the 17th of July and raised in the beautiful city of Houston (Texas).
A proud Houstonian who loves his Texan roots, I was the middle child of 3 siblings: Yolanda, me and Richard.

Both my parents were born in Tampico, Tamaulipas Mexico. My mother, Alicia was of Mexican-Lebanese ethnicity. My father Alfonso was Mexican-Italian. This is why I am fluent in English and Spanish.

My favorite place is the beach, my favorite drink is lemonade.
My favorite colors are silver, metallic grey, charcoal, avocado green and mustard yellow.
I am a true dog lover and Rocco is my pride and joy: my charming furry loveable miniature goldendoodle.

World traveled among the elite and with a wealth of life’s experience, I lived the life of which Hollywood movies are made of.

I am foremost an actor and a member of SAG-AFTRA since 1993 and live in beautiful Los Angeles, CA.
I have dabbled in all aspects of acting, producing, casting, creative and artistic direction, writing, fashion and jewelry designing. And soon Film Directing.
My interest in acting started at 5 years old, when my kindergarten teacher chose me to play a lead role in a school play wearing a costume of a turkey and acting like one. Once I got the loud applause from the audience I was hooked and this set my acting career in motion…… gobble gobble………!!!

antonio rufino


At age 15, I was selected to take modeling class at the prestigious school of Neil Hamil Mayo Hill School of Modeling in Houston, Texas. This experience gave me more confidence to pursue print jobs, in modeling for JC Penny, Macys, Structure, Sears, Fiesta Grocery Store, Academy, Lowes and many other campaigns.

Mercury Actors Studio was my first acting class at the age of 16 in Houston. I had a small role as a gardener in the feature film The Evening Star starring Shirley MacLaine, Bill Paxton filmed in Houston, Texas.
I landed a supporting role as a police officer in the Bollywood feature film Privithi.

At the age of 17 I land a chorus saint role in the prestigious musical “Four Saints in Three Acts" at the Houston Grand Opera.
I worked in several episodes of Texas Walker Ranger along with Chuck Norris.

On August 31, 1997, I finally arrive in Los Angeles, CA with only 400 dollars in my pocket driving my '93 Toyota Tercel only with my luggage, a box of headshots and with big dreams of making it in Hollywood.

With Texas acting credits, a SAG membership, and headshots, I soon realize I was to work my way up from the beginning in Hollywood.
My first gig was an international Miller Lite Commercial where I meet my solid and first true friendship, Charmaine Blake, a PR publicist, who later becomes an important part in my career. Our close friendship is kept to this day.

Antonio Rufino

In 1998 I get hired as a male model for Latin Style Magazine where I model groom tuxedos for a special edition print article.
I took acting classes with Aaron Speiser, Deke Anderson, TVI Actors Studio, AIA Actors Studio, John Sarno Actors Studio and Bobbie Shaw Chance.

I was booked for guest star roles on TV for Caroline in the City, Port Chalres, General Hospital, CSI Miami, Charmed, Placas Crime Reenactment, Fashion House, El Show de Franco, Brunch, Will & Grace and more, as well as the cover of Fab and Q Magazine Flash Back Issue.
In 1999 I land a role as a comedic police officer in a musical play called Class Reunion with an international diverse cast.

The same year I was introduce to Mexican filmmaker Carlos, where together we bond as a dynamic team and I begins a new journey as casting director, co producer, and co-stars in the feature film Entre Llamas (a.k.a. Into the Flames - Writer-Dir: Carlos Victorica) based on a true story.
In 2000 I get cast as the lead role Carlos in another film based on a true story Para Mi Padre Con Amor (a.k.a. To my Father with Love - Writer-Dir: Roland Gonzalez and Tadd McCalmont).

They say it happens in 3’s! In 2002 I get cast for the 3rd time in another film: It's a Great Life Debra Jean based on a true story as the co-star Andy (Writer-Dir: Nick Corsetti). My team up with my friend Jade Lisa Rivera actress/model and together we launched Esperanza Moon Productions in 2002 and we begin to design a swimwear line for men and a customized unisex jewelry, as well as writing screen plays.

In 2004 I get cast as the lead role Jesus in the feature film El Derecho de Jesus (a.k.a. The Right of Jesus - based on a true story Writer-Dir: Jesus Galindo) this feature film gets worldwide recognition in various film festivals throughout various years.
My PR publicist Charmaine Blake throws a Hollywood extravaganza party to celebrate my first lead role in a feature film along with my birthday celebration in July of 2005.

Antonio Rufino

My exotic facial features, dapper looks, debonair suave human energy and good taste in fashion, gain the attention of advertising media agencies that hired me as the face look of: Xfinity, Comcast, Coors Lite, Lowes.
As well as getting hired as a fashion stylist to style Hollywood celebrities both men and women.

The following year I was cast in a feature film Coke based on a true story ( Writer-Dir: Sergei Zelinsky). Same year I fly back to Houston, Texas and get interview in two Houston based publications: Bravo Houston Semana Newspaper and Outsmart Magazine talking about the importance of being a bilingual Latino and how the community needs to come together and support Latino artist.

In between acting gigs, I worked as a server in LA where I meets filmmakers Hefner Bros and after a couple of years they hire me to play a lead role in a dark comedy short film called The Treasure of the Sierra Nevada (Writer: Dan Hefner Dir: David Lee Hefner) that wins the Best Crime Film at the 2010 Mountain Film Festival, in Mammoth Lakes, CA.

I always had a passion for the fashion world and I continue developing my clothing line, hoping one day to launch it to the world.
From 2012 til 2014 I booked commercial print jobs, did a few plays, voice over projects. I then get cast in a short film: All Tricked Out (Dir: Galindo Productions).

After the passing of my father, in 2009, and my mother, in 2011, I decided to take a break from Hollywood and moves to Atlanta, GA on Jun 2015.
I quickly begins to get notice by casting directors, filmmakers and lands a guest star appearance on a hidden tv camera show The Carbonaro Effect True Tv. Followed by the antagonist role of Carlos in the feature film Faces Of Deceit (Writer-Dir: Michael Angelo in 2016).

Antonio Rufino

In 2017 I get cast in two short films: This Meeting Could Be Worse (as the lead role Richard) and Do I Look Like A Killer (as the antagonist Carlo). Both films Written and directed by: Tesh Yana SCADA, in Atlanta, Georgia.
The following year I get hired to play an Italian painter in a Apple I-Phone starring The Rock, in the tv pilot After The Honey (Moonwpro Entertainment) and in the short film Something For Cynitria as Enrique (Dir: Jahni Kwatrae).
It’s not until 2018 that I get international recognition for my work as the lead actor in the movie El Derecho De Jesus (a.k.a. The Right Of Jesus) that wins best international feature film at the 2018 Portugal International Film Festival and 2018 Hollywood International Feature Film Festival.
My last acting gig in Atlanta, Georgia, was in 2019, where I get cast in Double Dads, a comedic tv pilot, as Alejandro: a supporting role (Writer: Jessica Burnett Dir: Lorenzo Yearby).

I finally pack my things in December 2019 to move back to Hollywood, the capital of the entertainment industry.
January 2020 I refreshed my acting instrument getting back into acting class attending Bobbie Shaw Chance at Expressions Unlimited, my favorite acting coach in Los Angeles, CA scene study, cold reading, and did several professional actors showcases.

Suddenly the world stops, as we all sadly know a worldwide pandemic of coronavirus grips the world by surprise. Everything comes to a halt for many months: borders closed, work stoppages on all levels, so many shocking deaths, and overloaded health system. Something the world had never experienced before.

But I don't let anything slow me down. I constantly try to improve my skills and always see the positivity in life. Even during this pandemic as this too shall pass. There is no way to go but up but we will not get to the normally we were used to, and must adapt to our new normal, living cautiously, wearing masks where required and protecting ourselves and obey the laws set for us.

Antonio Rufino

New exciting endeavors will come soon and we all must stay positive and have faith.
With my positive attitude and great sense of humor, I'm anxiously waiting for a successful 2021.
I identify myself as 3 strong animals.
Lion-courage and rage of a lion,
Eagle-mentality and speed of an eagle,
Dolphin-friendliness and intelligence of a dolphin.
Keywords that best describe me:
ambitious, passionate, extremely responsible, dynamic personality, adventurous, funny, go-getter, creative, artistic, innovative, unique storyteller, fashionistas, debonair, hilarious, compassionate, very professional, animal lover, and a true gentleman.

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Antonio Rufino

Antonio Rufino


Double Dads (TV Movie)


Faces of Deceit

Faces Of Deceit Movie Poster

Something for Cynitra (Short)

Something for Cynitra Movie Poster

All Tricked Out (Short)

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Jules and Jess (TV Series)

Season 1 Episode 6 - Jobless Part 2

Adults Only (Short)


CollegeHumor Originals (TV Series)

Season 1 Episode 399

Cartel (Short)




The Treasure of the Sierra Nevada (Short)

Won Best Crime Film Mountain Film Festival 2010
The Treasure of the Sierra Nevada Movie Poster

El derecho de Jesús - The Right of Jesús

Feature film-true story
El derecho de Jesús Movie Poster
won internationally Best Feature Film Germany 2018

Fashion House (TV Series)

Season 1 Episodes 3, 6, 9

Brunch (TV Series)

Season 1 Episode 30



Meet the Fockers


CSI: Miami (TV Series)

Season 2 Episode 2

Into the Flames / Entre Llamas

Feature film-true story
Entre Llamas Movie Poster

American Family (TV Series)

Mexican Revolution

General Hospital (TV Series)

Episodes #1.9787, 1.9578, 1.9385

Port Charles (TV Series)

Episode 05/14/01

Passions (TV Series)

Episodes #1.230, 1.28

Caroline in the City (TV Series)


New York Police Department (TV Series)

Season 6 Episodes 2, 6

Placas (TV Mini-Series)

Season 1 Episodes 1



Walker Texas Ranger 3: Deadly Reunion

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